Rothorn, 3100 m

Wide slopes and the best scenery we ever had

Baluherd - cable car to RothornOn the left: The cable car from Blauherd to Rothorn carries up to 150 people. Rothorn has the most scenic views of the whole area. If there is enough snow the valleywards slopes down to Zermatt are the most interesting ones. The difference in altitude is 1500 m. If the weather conditions are poor and the temperature is significantly above 0 °C, the slopes at the top of Rothorn are passable though. In the morning they may be very hard, but the difficulties vary. The slope Downhill is short but very fastidious whereas beginners prefer the Kumme.
Schneehuhnpiste am Rothorn*
Furthermore there are two cross country slopes called Chamois and Marmotte, too stony, however, if the snow is bad. They reunion with the normal slopes at Tuftern. All in all you can't get lost on the way to Patrullarve. There you have to decide whether to run down to Zermatt (Sunnegga) or relift up to Blauherd. The valleywards slopes from Stockhorn to Zermatt are among the most beautiful slopes I've ever seen.
Restaurant Fluhalp*
Skiing down on the other side leads you back to Blauherd or down to Gant where you turn towards Gornergrat or Stockhorn. Though beeing wide and never steep at first the slope Fluhalp (see foto) turns into a very small way along the moraine of the Glacier Findel. If the slope is icy it becomes rather difficult even to the experienced snowborder. After all, this slope is the only one that takes you most directly to the great, adventurous slopes of Stockhorn.
Rock, Rythm and Blues auf dem Rothorn
Easter 2000, saturday noon, a band is playing at the Rothorn restaurant. Restaurant FluhalpThis place has become our favourite even on stormy days when we have to sit on the inside. Today is the last sunny Easter day. Sunday, the Tiftji Bumps have to be canceled because of the stormy weather. One of the cabins of the cabin lift from Sunnegga to Blauherd is knocked out of the slide and transport stopps for hours.