Triftji Bumps

A Mogul Competition

Zermatt: Triftji BumpsThe area around Stockhorn offers off-slope skiing at a time of the year when you won't expect it any more. However, at a height of more than 10000 feet above sea level the snow is almost the best. This fact made the Triftji Bumps mogul competition quite famous. There is a group of excellent skiers downtown Zermatt who are capable to prepare a course like that. Some weeks before the area is reserved by installing a fence and especially when fresh snow covers the ground the moguls can be prepared so close that you wonder how to get down there  by snowboard without beeing spiked.
Zermatt: Triftji Bumps*
When snow conditions are poor the obstacles become of more importance, like ramps that allow for spectacular jumps. The Triftji Bumps competition is split up for professionals and amateurs, so even non professionals have a good chance to be among the winners. However, because of unsteady snow conditions the bumps competition changed to the Klein Matterhorn area recently. Maybe that there will be more spectators in the end.
Zermatt: Triftji Bumps*
For a very short time there is music in the air. Unlike the half pipe at Crap Sogn Gion in Laax you will not find giantic loud speakers in the Zermatt area. I guess that long haired snowboarders are not the most wanted clients in Zermatt. There are times when you look for a half pipe in vain. You will likely find Zermatt a great area for snowboards that are misapllied as ski.
In the year 2005 I suffer Zermatt: Triftji Bumpsfrom injured toes because I bought shoes that turned out to be too small. All I can do is using the backside to slow down and to go directly downhill to take up speed again. I am faster that way than most of the skiers around me. I make the best of it then, go down to the village, take the battery powered bus to the station, get onto the Gornergrat rack railway, cross over by the Stockhorn cable car to Hohtälli and further to Rote Nase to visit the Triftj Bumps as a spectator. I get there just in time to take some pictures of the competition and of a spectacular mass start of more than 100 competitiors.